Northwest Wanderers is composed by Rae and Joey. We are two Washington locals who hope that our adventures will inspire others to recreate mindfully outdoors and develop an appreciation for the natural world.

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Sometimes It’s Not Just The Monday Blues

Depression has always been a part of my life and it has shaped my life for the better and the worse. My relationship to depression and anxiety has shifted over the years from feeling completely out of control and hopeless to a more introspective process (but still with a hearty dose of insecurity and isolation). I have nursed an idea about writing about some of the habits that have helped me pull myself out of the darkness for awhile now.. and I finally did. This is my first attempt at trying to encapsulate the multi-dimensional relationship I have with depression and anxiety. I am not quite happy with it yet but I know it’s just a stepping-stone for more introspective pieces to come.

Larch Madness

Curious about larches? Are you wondering to yourself what are they exactly? Or maybe you just want to know where can you find them? Well we’ve got you covered on the natural history of larches, several awe-inspiring hikes chock full of the golden torches, and gear suggestions to keep you safe and dry.

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